Road 6, Chong koa Sou Village, Krong Siem Reap

Opening Time

Monday - Sunday

9AM - 9PM


063 761 211

011 571 771

Welcome to Butterflies Garden Restaurant

Scottie, Australia


You’ll be hard pressed to find such excellent food in most places on this planet, particularly in S E Asian countries where, from no fault of their own, are way behind the times in fine dining. The owner, Mr Deth,(hahaha I’m not kidding, when he answers his phone he says,”Deth here!,,” – he’s a funny fellow) and his staff are all highly professional and super, super friendly. It’s a wonderful combination of local attitude, culture and surroundings, mixed with the upmarket cuisine that will, I dare say it, tantalize your taste buds to no end. They deliver very promptly as well if you’re feeling like a quiet time at home.

Keep it going team. I know it’s extremely hard work and crazy long hours in this industry and that’s why the people who are good at it, have a definite passion for it.

All the best.