Group Dining

All Day Dinning

Special Group Dining

Butterflies Garden Restaurant provides a very special setting for your group.  Our restaurant is located in a peaceful garden with many butterflies that are best viewed by daylight, many kind of beautiful flowering plants and fruit trees, and a koi pond. At night, the gardens are bathed in soft light, providing a romantic atmosphere.   A visit to Butterflies will be a highlight of your group’s experience.

Tour Special

  • Chicken soup with lemon pickle
  • Fried ginger with fish, chicken or pork
  • Vegetables stir fried with pineapple
  • Vegetable fried rice and steamed rice
  • Fresh fruit

Authentic Taste of Khmer

  • Fresh and pickled fruits and vegetables with tamarind dipping sauce
  • Sticky rice stuffed with pork, beans and corn, steamed in a banana leaf and served with chili dipping sauce
  • Rice noodles with choice of fresh herbs, vegetables and fish curry or red chicken curry
  • Assorted Khmer sweets

Deluxe Tour I

  • Spring rolls
  • Tom Yum soup with chicken
  • Fried fish with sweet-sour sauce
  • Stir fried vegetables
  • Vegetable fried rice and steamed rice
  • Sticky rice with yellow beans in coconut-ginger sauce

Deluxe Tour II

  • Sweet and sour pineapple soup with fish
  • Basil-chili chicken
  • Smoked eggplant with pork
  • Stir fried vegetables
  • Vegetable fried rice and steamed rice
  • Custard steamed in pumpkin

Siem Reap Special

  • Siem Reap soup flavored with capsicum, onion and basil with choice of fish, chicken or pork
  • Assortment of local sausages served with dipping sauce
  • Fish amok
  • Vegetable fried rice and steamed rice
  • Assorted Khmer desserts

Vegetarian Special

  • Vegetarian spring rolls
  • Sweet and sour pineapple soup with vegetables
  • Vegetable curry served in a coconut
  • Stir-fried morning glory
  • Vegetable fried rice and steamed rice
  • Sticky rice with yellow beans served with coconut-ginger sauce

Tropical Fusion

  • Chilled carrot soup flavored with tangerine and young ginger
  • Grilled Chicken breast stuffed with spinach and cheese served with red wine sauce
  • Garlic mashed potato
  • Vegetable du jour
  • Tropical sorbet

Seafood Tropical Fusion

  • Tropical shrimp salad with cucumber, mango, onions and chili in an olive oil-lime dressing
  • Prawn Sauteed with butter,garlic,lime juice and white wine served with mash potato and vegetable
  • Fresh Ginger cake with Ginger ice cream

Hot coffee and tea included.  Prices and menus available for groups of ten or more.  Butterflies Garden Restaurant can design a custom menu to suit your group’s taste and budget.  Call us at 063-761-211 010, 011 571 771 for reservations or more information or email us at  To make your function truly special, traditional performances can be arranged at an additional charge.