The Butterflies Boutique

Eighty percent of the items in our gift shop are sourced directly from disadvantaged communities or from organizations working with those communities to build income generating skills.

We look for items that are truly unique and easy to carry in your suitcase.  While our selection is ever-changing, some of our current items include:

  • Roses hand-crafted from corn husks
  • Multi-colored silk hobo bags made in a women’s sewing workshop
  • Geckos hand carved from buffalo horn
  • Woven scarves and belts made by farmers in Rattanakiri and Mondolkiri provinces
  • Bracelets made by scavengers of recycled magazines and beds to supplement their incomes
  • Fair trade Kampot black pepper – among the finest in the world – packaged in a traditional fabric bag
  • Our own Butterfly Chai, custom blended for our restaurant, and now available in a reusable organza pouch.